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You may feel helpless and don't dare to ask too many questions because:

your questions are not properly answered anyway
you may be intimidated by the hospital environment
you may feel impressed by the physician's appearance, personality or status
you feel the subtle pressure NOT to ask too many questions
you don't want to give the impression that you may be a "complete fool"

you don't dare annoy the medical staff or waste their time

you may feel like a hostage in alien hands...

you can't find the words to ask your question

you are letting yourself being influenced by your family and friends


You just want to talk because:

you have no one to talk to

you need help

you can't trust anyone around you 

some don't give a damn, but we do!


You may be genuinely interested in Medicine as such but have not gone to a medical school; you have therefore no medical background and would like to:

understand what the hell is going on inside you, your family and friends

get a clear answer to your medical questions

obtain more information on a specific aspect of Medicine but you don't know how to go about it

go to a medical school

clearly understand in your own words what the physician is telling you, your family and friends

be able to analyse a radiograph, scanner, nmr, a lab result, ... by yourself

receive a tutorial on medicine and the medical sciences

understand a medical article (or abstract)/TV programme which you just read/saw


You are a medical student and you:

don't understand your medical course

are having second thoughts about admitting it to the teaching staff 

are getting frustrated and/or discouraged because your medical questions are not answered properly anyway

think that you understand but are not THAT sure...

are looking for a clear explanation of some of the notes which you received/took in your taught courses 

have missed out on a few lectures and can't find anyone who accepts to give you their notes 

don't get along with your fellow students or the medical staff

want to revise basic principles for your examinations

need a self-assessment